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Crockpot Salsa Chicken Recipe

How many people need more time to prep or cook during the week? We all have hectic lives, and sometimes coming home and making a healthy meal seems SO TIME CONSUMING! But it doesn’t have to be. We all know that meal prepping is KEY to having a successful week. Why not make it easy on ourselves and use a crockpot to our advantage? Well, this week, I have made a delicious chicken salsa in the crockpot that will last 3-4 days, depending on the serving size you decide on. I hope you all find it TASTY, and don’t forget you can switch up the recipe however you want to fit into the flavors you love!


  • 1 container of Black Bean & Corn Salsa-Smoky, Robust(Private Selection)

  • 4-6 Chicken Breast(Depending on size of crockpot)

  • Johnny’s seasoning salt

  • Lawrys seasoning salt

  • Brown Sugar dry rub(Weber)

*Add in any other seasoning that you would like


COOK TIME: 4 hrs on high hrs on low



Step 1- Cut extra fat off of the chicken breast

Step 2- Place 2-3 chicken breasts inside of crockpot

Step 3- Season chicken breast and add half a container of salsa

Step 4- Add in the leftover chicken breast and seasoning

Step 5- Add in the rest of the salsa

Step 6- Turn on the crockpot to low for 6 hrs and high for 4 hrs

Step 7- Shred chicken breast

*Depending on how big your crockpot is, you can add more chicken and salsa

Cook and enjoy!!!


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